Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear

Technical Clothing

Below is a list of highly recommend items.  Required items are indicated with an *. Please know the weather is very unpredictable and temperatures can fall as low as -25.  We recommend it is always better to be over, than under prepared.  Any items you do not wish to purchase or bring from home can be hired here from local gear shops specializing in quality imported items.  A price list of each item is available upon request.

Waterproof Jacket, breathable with hood*
Weather rated Insulated Jacket, synthetic or down *
Soft Jacket, fleece or soft-shell
Long sleeve shirts: light-weight, moisture-wicking fabric (2)
Short sleeve shirts: light-weight, moisture-wicking fabric (2)

Waterproof Pants, breathable*
Hiking Pants (convertible to shorts recommended) (2)
Fleece Pants
Shorts (optional)
Long Underwear (moisture-wicking fabric recommended) (2)
Underwear, briefs (moisture-wicking fabric recommended)
Sport Braz (women)


Hiking Boots, warm, waterproof, broken-in, with spare laces
Gym Shoes, to wear at camp (optional)
Socks, thick, wool or synthetic (3-5)
Sock Liners, tight, thin, synthetic, worn under socks to prevent blisters (3-5)
Gaiters, waterproof – highly recommended to prevent loose gravel and sand


Sleeping Bag, warm, four season rated*
Sleeping Bag Liner, for added warmth (optional)
Trekking Poles (highly recommended)
Head lamp, with extra batteries*

Duffel bag, for porters to carry your equipment*
Daypack, for you to carry your personal gear*


Trip Receipt
Visa (available upon arrival )
Yellow fever vaccination card
Insurance Documents


Brimmed Hat, for sun protection
Knit Hat, for warmth
Balaclava, for face coverage (highly recommended)
Bandana (optional)


Gloves, warm (waterproof recommended)*
Glove Liners, thin, synthetic, worn under gloves for added warmth*


Sunglasses or Goggles
Backpack Cover, waterproof*
Poncho, during rainy season (optional)
Water Bottle* (Nalgene recommended,  must have 2-3 Liters combined)
Water Bladder* Camelback type – note disposable plastic bottles are not allowed on the mountain per National Park regulations
Towel, lightweight, quick-dry (optional)
Pee Bottle, to avoid leaving tent at night (highly recommended)


Lip Balm
Insect Repellent, containing DEET
First Aid Kit
Hand Sanitizer*
Toilet Paper
Wet Wipes
Snacks, light-weight, high calorie, high energy
Camera, with extra batteries