Trek2Kili Team



He  invites you to discover the natural beauty of our country for the experience of a lifetime.  From the vast plains of the Serengeti experiencing the Great Migration or cheering you to the Rooftop of Africa, the team at Trek2Kili welcomes you.

“Before graduating from The Royal Institute of Moshi and owning my own business, I too was once a porter.  I believe success comes through hard work, excellent customer relations and honest business practices. I look forward to helping make your Tanzania holiday dreams come true.”

Karibu Tanzania!


Trek2Kili is an active company and we have many treks and safaris for our international guests. We are so grateful to have Nehemia on our staff, he assists with all aspects of operations, crew assignment, accounting, dispatching our tours and more. Nehemia finds time to assist us when he is not at home with his lovely wife Marygetruda and two young children, one girl and one boy. Nehemia started his connection with Trek2Kili as a porter 3 years ago and then shifted to help in the office and has grown into a very important part of our office team. He grew up in the Tabora Region of Tanzania and went on to study economics which prepared him well for his position which includes accounting and budgeting. You may see him around the hotel helping to distribute rented kit, or at the park gates, helping with many different tasks!



Meet our guide, Andrew! We are proud to have Andrew on our team. He has 10 years’ experience and we value him for what he brings to our crew. Andrew is the proud dad of 4 children, two daughters, and twin boys. They are willing to share their time with their baba to be with our hikers from all around the world. Andrew specializes in all safety aspects of climbing Kilimanjaro and is very careful when escorting our guests, making sure they are not only having a great time in nature but also that it is in a safe way. Andrew stays active with reading, jogging, adventure, and enjoying the beauty of nature. Andrew is from Arumeru in the Arusha region. You are lucky to have Andrew on your team leading you up Kilimanjaro along with another head guide and many assistant guides as well. 


Our guide Paul is from the Moshi and Arusha regions of Tanzania. He has 3 years’ guiding experience and many more before that as a porter. Paul is very happy to meet our clients from all around the world and sharing his knowledge with them. When he is not on the mountain, you can find him reading a lot of books and watching documentaries and movies. Paul is quite serious about safety and orderly standards on Kilimanjaro but also balances with having a really fun time. Paul is on your mountain team and is excited to meet you and lead your group up to the roof of Africa. 


Meet Hussein Mwarindo our Mt Kilimanjaro Lead Guide

He lives with his wife and their 2 Beautiful daughters at foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro where he raised his Family.

In his free time, he loves to do farming,watching movies with the girls and play Soccer.

He started working on the mountain 2005 to 2009 as a porter. After being a porter for a while he became a Guide in 2009, finally, after graduating from tourism collage, he started climbing the mountain as a guide.

Since 2009 he started working withTrek2kiliuntil now.

He summited Uhuru Peak more the 125 times since he started climb

He also owns his WFR certificate which is the highest medical aid training here in Tanzania.

He says the most important things to bring on the mountain are:

  1. Rain gears
  2. A good sleeping bag
  3. Very good hiking boots
  4. Positive mind


In our lead guides’ pack Stephen is another character not to be skipped. His marital status still reads single but he has been claiming to be married to nature for he is an outdoors lover. His 8 years as a porter and a guide gives us nothing but joy and confidence that he embodies our philosophy of ethical and fun climbs. The man enjoys conversations about nature, spiritual awakens and he has plenty of humor, with him on the mountain consider your thirst for fun quenched. If you like music that is his addiction, he will play you all the jams on the trail. Books are his life too. With him all you have to expect on the mountain is a hike full of fun.


Meet Eliakeney Njau our female guide. She started working on Mount Kilimanjaro as a porter in 2012 as many guides do. In 2018 she became a guide after attending a guiding collage and being certified as a mountain guide. She has attended and completed Wilderness First Responder (WFR) the highest altitude medical aid training.
Eliakeney was born on a foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro, she used to see different people from all over the world hiking mountain this where the love of her job was found. She believes in hardworking the most thing she likes is to make a dream of client come true.
Cycling is what she does when she is idle but learning is a part of her life to acquire knowledge which helps her in her job.


Meet our mountain guide Emmanuel Matinde Asseno who has been on top of Kilimanjaro more than 170 times as he remember though he is about to give up on counting.

He is married and he has family of three children where he like watching football, movies and dancing with his family in his spare time.

He likes outdoor activities, been on Kilimanjaro is the most thing he likes guiding clients on top, share some fun stories what a wonderful job. That’s the reason he go for short courses to update his skills.

Emmanuel have been working on Mount Kilimanjaro for twenty years, seven as a porter and thirteen as a guide and in those years he has been a part of our time for six years.



Meet Josephat Paul a Safari tour guide, a father of two beautiful daughters Noela and Angel. He has an experience of taking people from all around the world to different attractive places here in Tanzania like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Manyara for more than 10 years.

Josephat have attended different courses of first aid and safari tour guide and few weeks ago have attended short course training offered by Mweka Wildlife collage.

He likes bird watching, if you a planning to go for safari Josephat says one thing you don’t have to forget is binocular for bird watching and if you have questions just ask him once you meet. 


He is a tour safari guide he lives with a happy family of lovely wife Valerie and 4 children, whereby 2 are girls and 2 are boys. When he is free he like to spend time with his family because most of the time he is on Safari working. Jogging is his favorite thing he does and watching movies with his family.

Being a guide was a dream he had since he was a child he likes wildlife going for adventure, after finishing high school he joined tour guide collage to become a professional tour where by his dream became true.

Cyprian attended different short courses of first aid and Safari leaning how to take care of clients and about wildlife. He has experience of 16 years since he has started this job.

He love this job because it is his profession and he never get tired of it, every day of Safari is a new day and is different. What you have seen yesterday is not the same with what you see today. Bush life is amazing and it is a good experience.