Mafia Island

Mafia Island

Largely overlooked by the waves of tourism to Zanzibar, the island has a general ambience of utter seclusion, which is a big part of the island’s appeal and charm.

Surrounded by a protected marine park, the diving, fishing and snorkeling here are the best in the entire region. Mafia is truly an excellent destination for those wanting to spend a bit of time in the underwater world and interested in nature and outdoor activities. Known for it’s location of the migratory Whale Sharks, spotting these magnificent creatures is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

The island lies across the trade routes from the Gulf and has seen Egyptian, Omani, Greco-Roman, Chines, Portuguese, English and German occupation, and has had a prominent place in the history of the East Coast of Africa, as it was a safe haven for ships to stop for water and for repairs. The Mafia Archipelago hosts antiquities dating back to the Eleventh Century, including ruins at Kisimani Mafia, Kanga, Kua on Juani Island and Chole Island.

The atmosphere of all the islands is one of adventure: days are spent fishing or exploring exposed sand bars and untouched reefs, however the main appeal for many visitors is that it remains locked in a time warp of the early 20th Century.