Tanzanian People & Culture

Masama Cultural Tourism Programme – Moshi Region TCTP

Half-Day Coffee Tour

Discover the delights of Kilimanjaro Coffee some of the best in East Africa.
The rich and fertile volcanic slopes of Kilimanjaro are famous for producing some of the worlds finest Arabica coffee. This local trip is owned and operated by local Tanzanians. You will be taken to Masama village and given an insight into village life and how coffee is farmed and produced

Highlights include:
. Visiting small, family owned coffee plots
. Learn the history and success stories of the Arabica coffee plantations
. Coffee harvesting (July – December), coffee processing and packaging
. Traditional preparation of an Arabica cup of coffee

Mamba & Marangu Cultural Tourism Programme – Moshi Region TCTP

Mamba, a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers, and the traditional Chagga Tribe village in Marangu both offer the best of nature and cultural heritages experiences. Customized half day, full day or two day walking safaris can be organized.

With more than seven waterfalls, this haven offers unique flora, fauna and fruit nurseries. As you tour the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro you will  ascend to beautiful viewpoints through the village of Marangu which offers breathtaking panoramic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Options for these tours include:

  • Visit the home and memorial of the late Yohana Lauwo, a Marangu native who accompanied Dr. Hans Meyer on the first recorded climb of Kilimanjaro in 1889, where you can read the original log books.
  • The Kinukamori and Moonjo waterfalls, with a visit to a traditional Chagga house made of straw-roofing.
  • See the first coffee tree planted in Tanzania and climb up Ngangu Hill.
  • A visit to the African Art Centre that houses a collection of ancient and modern sculptures, carvings and paintings, is rewarding.
  • Enjoy scenic waterfalls, tree, flower and fruit nurseries, pass historical sites including the Lake Holes – large hiding caves used during the Chagga – Masai wars, visit a wood carving school, meet a local blacksmith using ethnic methods to prepare spears and tools, and experience Chagga culture by visiting a traditional Chagga house.

Getting there: A 45 minute drive with frequent buses from Moshi towards Marangu. Mamba is about 3 km from Marangu. (Income from tourist visits will be used towards developing education projects in the Kilimanjaro area.)

Ilkiding’a Cultural Tourism Programme – Arusha Region TCTP

The following is on offer:
– A visit to a local traditionally built household to get an idea of how an extended family lives together
– Traditional dancing: We can bring the dance to you or you can bring the people to the dance.
– A walk through coffee plantations and open fields where potatoes, cabbages, maize, beans and other cash crops are cultivated by the villagers.
– A visit to a traditional healer, who is ready to answer all your questions and give advice if needed a visit to the craftsmen prepared by the Mainyoito Women’s Group at one of the households
– A visit to the primary school where money generated from tourism as Development Fees is used to rehabilitate the school
– The pleasure of impressive viewpoints overlooking Arusha town, hiking along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon and climbing small hills. You can take a half day tour, full day tour or a 3 day south-west Meru cultural hike. A fourth option is an 8-hour walking trip from Arusha to the starting point, where you connect with the full day tour.

Half day tour
This includes a visit to Sembeo’s Boma where you get a glimpse of village life. Thereon, walk through fields of crops, visit a traditional healer, head to the Njeche Canyon and end with a traditional meal at the Mainyoito
Women’s Group.

Full day tour
This includes a trail through the fields, a visit to Sembeo’s Boma and crossing the Ngarenaro river to reach Leloto viewpoint. Head to the Maasai Craftsmen Group and end the tour with a traditional meal at the Mainyoito Women’s Group.

3 days hike on the first day, walk uphill to Sembeo’s Boma. Cross Ngarenaro river and walk through Milkhasi Forest to Timbolo to spend the night.

Next day, cross the Ngareolmotonyi river and walk uphill to Olkokola and further on to Ilkurot to spend the night. On the third day, walk to Muklat and Ngaramtoni for the weekly Maasai market. After lunch, walk or drive back to Arusha.

Getting there: Ilkiding’a village lies 7 km north of Arusha town, a 20-minute drive. At Mianzini junction, cars can be hired. Walking is also possible but it will take you 2 hours to reach the starting point of the tour. (Income from tourist visits will be used to improve the primary school.)